Evacuation Bridge

We have developed a unique evacuation bridge. 2 of them have been already delivered for the oil platform “Prirazlomnoye” in Russia. In case of an emergency where the crew has to be evacuated from the platform, the bridge is turned out by 180° towards the water side. Then the bridge can be telescoped out to its maximum outreach of 44,8m. The persons to be evacuated will evacuate through the telescopic boom, which is protected against heat and fire by A60 panels and will get into the evacuation room. Here they will go into a special evacuation hose and 8 persons can slide down at the same time. The hose is designed for temperatures up to 580°C. The base plate is equipped with 4 inflatable life rafts which will be blown up automatically. The base plate can be lowered onto water, ice or stand-by vessels.